Using SoulCollage®

Creating a Deck of Cards

When you begin making cards your deck of cards will probably consist of a collection of cards that you have made that are mostly representative of different aspects of you - attitudes, values and roles that you have in life. As you become more familiar with the process of making cards your deck will organically develop and other types of card will come into play. When your deck of cards grows you can begin to make use of Seena’s concept of the different “suits”.

Practices for Reading Cards

As well as using the “I am one who” prompt for reading the individual cards you can learn how to read cards in similar ways to other packs of divination or oracle cards by making an enquiry and drawing cards to help you bring your own inner wisdom to bear on the question you have in mind for your inner or outer life. These more detailed readings using several cards may appeal to you at difficult times and as you become more experienced in reading your cards this may develop into a regular practice that inspires you and supports you in making decisions or managing transitions in your life.

You may choose to select a daily card as to contemplate as part of your morning journalling practice and, as Seena herself did, use the images on the card to inspire a poem or a “thought for the day” to guide you.

Interacting with your cards in an imaginative way may incorporate other practices like labyrinth walking, other art making inspired by your cards, dreamwork and guided imagery. You may find workshops that show you how to do this or you may develop your own unique ways of enriching your SoulCollage® practice that in turn you may teach to others.


Making and reading cards in a group or with a mentor or friend can also be an important way to deepen and develop your use of your cards. Having a witness and bearing witness in card reading is an enriching experience in itself. Feeling “seen” and “heard” in our explorations is a valuable gift that can increase our sense of connection in our friendships, groups and the wider SoulCollage® community.

Meeting with other like-minded people is of course what community is all about and SoulCollage® is a wonderful conduit for finding them. Most workshops, gatherings and groups become social occasions. As well as sharing our card making and readings we share meals, snacks, beverages, joy and laughter!