The SoulCollage® Process 

What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage®is an enjoyable collage activity. It gives you easy access to your creativity and helps you forge a strong and lasting connection with your own inner power and wisdom. By activating your own capacity to make beautiful, personally meaningful images, SoulCollage® invites you to celebrate your creativity, experience the power of your imagination and evolve a lasting connection with own intuitive wisdom. 

What’s it like getting into SoulCollage®? 

Making SoulCollage®cards is an enjoyable process, cutting and pasting images that appeal to you onto cards. The images can come from magazines, calendars, stock photos or personal materials such as your own art and photos. Over time you gradually create a personal deck of cards about yourself and your life. 

You can ask your cards questions about real life challenges and major transitions. The answers they give you can become a valuable resource in making decisions, resolving problems, dispelling doubts etc. 

SoulCollage® can become a richly rewarding personal practice. A relaxing and contemplative process, SoulCollage® will reveal your own creative potential and signature card-making style, and you’ll discover what a multi-facetted person you are.

How do I get going? 

The best way to start enjoying SoulCollage®is to come to a workshop where you’ll be inspired by the gorgeous array of images provided and receive guidance from a facilitator in making your cards and understanding them. 

You’ll then be able to participate in further workshops, gatherings and retreats. You can also train to become a Facilitator so that you can share your love of SoulCollage®with others.

At SoulCollage®workshops, retreats and Trainings, a special synergy develops between participants, which together with supportive feedback creates a dynamic, soothing energy.  

Another option is to start making and connecting with your cards at home. This short video by SoulCollage® founder Seena Frost is a good introduction:

Who Is SoulCollage® for?

SoulCollage®, is suitable for a wide variety of individuals, groups and communities because because making SoulCollage® cards is a simple process that only requires glue, scissors, card and images to get started.