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Have you just heard the word “SoulCollage®” and want to find out more?  Have you already experienced the creative and personal magic of SoulCollage® and now want to expand and deepen your connection with this amazing process? Are you looking for SoulCollage®-related activities in the UK?  Are you wanting to make contact with fellow SoulCollagers so you can share your experiences with others?  Are you a SoulCollager visiting the UK and looking to link up with kindred spirits? 

In any of the above applies to you, you’ve come to the right place!  This site is here to: 

  • whet the appetite of newcomers to SoulCollage® by giving you an overview of this lovely blend of creativity and self-exploration.

  •  Inspire and support more experienced SoulCollagers to deepen and expand your personal practice

  • Deliver event news about SoulCollage® Workshops, Gatherings, Facilitator Trainings and Retreats run by UK facilitators

  • Share SoulCollage® experiences, love and enthusiasm for this unique creative process so that our community of UK and international SoulCollagers can continue to thrive!

 Welcome to SoulCollage® UK! 


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I love SoulCollage®, it is enriching and mind-expanding and I love the process for relaxation too