Origins of SoulCollage®

The SoulCollage® process was founded in the 1990s by American therapist and poet Seena Frost (1932-2016). To develop her passionate interest in human psychology and creativity, in the 1980s Seena attended a 3-year university programme on Human Potential run by Dr. Jean Houston. The course enabled Seena to delve further into myth, archetypal psychology and world religions. To further her explorations, she began creating collages and writing about them. Over time she developed and integrated this practice of creative self-discovery into her therapy work. Out of this the SoulCollage® process gradually evolved.  

During this time Seena met Kylea Taylor and Jim Schofield of independent publisher Hanford Mead. They saw the potential of the process Seena was developing and invited her to write a book about it. With the publication of the first book in 2001, SoulCollage® began to gain popularity and momentum. By the time Seena’s second book, was published, in 2012, SoulCollage® was already becoming a global movement. 

Since then SoulCollage® has continued to grow and to evolve. There are now 18 Trainers running Facilitator Trainings in the USA and elsewhere, and currently almost 4,000 Facilitators offering SoulCollage® workshops, retreats and gatherings in 43 countries. “SoulCollage® Evolving” has been translated into several languages with further translations in progress.  

Here in the UK and Eire there are over 40 Facilitators and the number of “SoulCollagers” is growing steadily.